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Lake & Pond Weed Control & Identification

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Due to our warm climate and long growing seasons, aquatic vegetation is one of the most common problems with which pond and lake owners are faced.

Not only is unwanted aquatic vegetation unattractive, if left untreated, these weeds have the capacity to engulf the entire body of water which can ultimately have a huge impact on the ecosystem of the lake or pond.  Our Lake & Pond Weed Control and identification services can ensure that your lake and pond is fully protected.

Weeds & Aquatic Ecosystems

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Beyond just appearing unattractive, a weedy pond offers unnecessary cover to forage species. This allows them to escape predation too often and leads to an overcrowded and a stunted predator (largemouth bass) population.

These weeds also steal important nutrients that could go toward production of microscopic algae, which fuels the food chain. This problem eliminates the option of pond fertilization and other fish production strategies as management options. Overall, a pond containing aquatic vegetation will greatly decrease the health of the system.

How We Can Help

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As a licensed commercial pesticide applicator, we have the equipment and knowledge to custom fit a treatment program to your pond and management goals. By using a combination of chemical and biological techniques we will safely eradicate the nuisance vegetation.

Once the problem has been treated, we can then progress to a sound maintenance program to keep the problem from returning. Using our treatment and maintenance programs, you will see great improvements in aesthetics as well as fish production.

water droplets - Georgia Plantation Solutions

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